Zoran Velimanovic

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"My angels are creatures with modified wings and changed tasks which have been imposed upon them by new civilization and modern technologies. However, everyone has its personal angel or daemon to go after or not. I have an excellent relation with mine..."
"...Cynicism is a brilliant means of expression, in art, as in life itself… In between cynicism and anger I have chosen the first. Otherwise I would be a revolutionary, not a painter… I would be throwing bombs all over, I cannot undertake deceit…"

Djordjevic M. „Andjeli 21. Veka“, Politika,
September 14, 2007

"... My fantastic consists of combining things that could never have been joined together, due to chronological or geographical restraints. If I place Venus and Cupid and beside them a steel choke bore - that already touches the kind of fantastic that suits to me... ... I like to paint an angel eating cherries and having one mechanical arm... Or a doll with one hand in a shape of octopus' tentacle pointing at the board inscribed with "REMEMBER"; or a woman cleaning a ruined and filthy toilet, with a bucket and a scrubbing brush, wearing a red mask with a big nose on her face and a conical cap on her head; or a deserted city and an empty square under the strong noon sun, with huge tankers that ran ashore and beside them even bigger heads of children's dolls half buried in the send; or snails with human heads; or "Ship of Fools" sailing across a sea of bodies with fishes and bones falling the sky... Or elephants flying in formation, like an army of balloons, above a city inhabited with chess figures and leaden soldiers slowly being disbanded and scattered by seagulls. A soldier's medal fell off inscribed with "AMA NESCIRI" (prefer to stay unknown)..."

From the Exhibition in Ozone Gallery catalogue,

"… My creativity is provoked by problems, beauty – I enjoy…"
" … I never make sketches, I just write down the atmosphere… in a few words and that is it. It is enough to remind me later…"
"Nevertheless, I paint very hard, I work very arduously… But, the man you are, your paintings are… I paint because I am in anguish and not because I would not know what else to do…"
"… My works are not a decoration; it insults me if someone says they are lovely, because they are not. It is like you are watching a street fight or someone throwing up in the middle of the street, and then you say – he throws up so nicely…"

Maslo A. „Slikar Zoran Velimanovic“, Ambijenti,
December, 2005

"… Culture is a very worn-out word; it is completely unbelievable what sorts of things are in there. I do not have any kind of sympathy towards Nazis what so ever, but Goering once said something nicely put regarding that: When I hear word “culture” I instantly take my gun out!"
" …I would go to the end of the world on my foot, if it takes, only to achieve what I have intended. Yes, it means I am quite a stubborn person, but then again I think I have nothing better to do. Like a boxer, wining on points; if I have no strength to knock you down right away in the first round, I will beat you, strangle you slowly until the fifteenth round. You can kick me and punch me, but I will come back again, because I will be the same in the first and the fifteenth round… I am there, it is inevitable… Maybe I am boring, but what I want it is mine for sure, whenever…"
" … I am satisfied with my painting, possibly, only immediately after I finish it. But, when time passes I start to see I could have done better, which is good, because it means I have improved…"
" … I like to get rid of paintings, I do not like the around me… They seem to me somewhat like unmarried daughters…"

Bogovic N. „Neprodata slika je kao neudata kcerka“, Danas,
June 21, 2003

"Painting is like boxing. I fight white canvas but eventually I knock it out..."
"I have never climbed the Eiffel tower, although I have passed by many times while I was living in Paris. Picasso's house attracted me much more, he had been living there for years. I would hold that gate latch, which master's hand had been touching every day, as some kind of salutation. After that I would sit on trotoire on the opposite side and smoke a cigarette, although I do not smoke. I used to repeat this ritual from time to time. Every time after it I would feel relieved... It is strange... Even now, after all this time, I do not know why I was doing this..."

Jelisavac, Lj., "Slikanje je kao boksovanje", Blic,
January 4, 1999

"...I am not important, I am an instrument and it is how I feel. I am like a brush or more like continuation of a brush. I like to feel this way and I do not look for more..."

Bogovic, N., "Slikanje je fizioloska potreba", Danas,
March 12, 1998

"I am not gloomy, I am just realistic.
I would like this to be different: painting sunset or happy people on a beach eating cakes... - but in that case I would catch myself lying, and I do not like to lie."

Bogovic, N., "Slikanje je fizioloska potreba", Danas,
March 12, 1998

"... painting is physiological need for me..."
"I am trying to combine ideas which could never be joined together in themselves, because of their different historical and geographical dispositions... If we excluded technical achievements, nothing has been changed in people's mind. That is why I make a parallel and paint the present by means of past symbols..."

Devic, N., "Underground fantastika", Demokratija,
October 23, 1997