Zoran Velimanovic


Purgatorium is a total art project with site-specific concept, which combines a contemporary visual art work with classical cultural values. The project focuses on the great and challenging theme of the Purgatory and tries to discover its meaning from the contemporary perspective, offering one possible approach to its present-day interpretation.

Project Purgatorium is designed to be disposed in spaces with characteristic sensibility, meaning and significance, such as chapels, churches or sites with peculiar historical context, such as memorial sites and historic buildings, where this art project can bring together different elements into interaction researching philosophical, ethical and aesthetic relations between them.

The leading idea of the art project Purgatorium is liberation of a human being from its basic instincts in order to achieve spiritual purification. Used as a familiar spiritual metaphor, Purgatorium illustrates the humiliating side of human weakness and communicates with the spectator’s intuitive and emotional representation of offenses against universal order of things.

Project Purgatorium


By using visual and sound effects in order to invoke cathartic transition of spiritual liberation, the artwork, which represents artist’s personal confession and exposure of an intimate reflection, calls attention to negative wishes, immoral thoughts, obscenity, despair and perversion normally despised by the spectator, thus through a feeling of degradation creating a transition path towards refinement and emancipation, resembling or stimulating religious experience of purification through prayer and redemption through confession.


Purgatorium is envisaged as a total art project which, by means of specific and innovative concept of presentation, stimulates perception of the art work’s idea through different senses. In other words, the entire context of presentation such as space and its meaning, sounds and even smell, are all treated as part the art work itself in order to provoke specific experience in the mind of the spectator and to increase the very perception of the art work’s message of spiritual purification.